Learn How To Raise Your Vibration And Create Abundance In Your Life.

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From the desk of Camillo Loken



recently released a game called The Vibrational Abundance Game aimed at helping people raise their vibrations relative to money and wealth.


It´s a fun, easy and engaging game AND you get free access to daily life-changing "frequency lessons" in Personal Frequency 101 for 7 days.


People love it, but don´t take my word for it. Check out the feedback below.


All the best,
Camillo :)


Hi Camillo, you are truly a powerhouse of information: I consider YOU as my channeller and look forward in how you find ways to raise awareness even more. This tool is something I've never seen before; let's all spread the word! Aloha!

- Janne Juntunen

Hi Camillo, I just love what you have done with this game. I did it a few years ago, but this time with your help I really experience a total different view of this game. Thank you for your part you do for us in this Universe!

- Karen Fourie

I love this. Thank you for your work, Camillo!

- Dianna Smith

This is exciting!  I´m not usually into games, men this looked so interesting I just had to join and test it out.  Great.

- Elisabeth Ekrem

Thank you Camillo, this is wonderful, I can't wait to see how this works out for me and all taking part- got to go do some spending now- Yay!  5 min later- I have just bought myself an entire years worth of herbalife products to get healthy and lose weight Wow so excited!

- Player unknown.

P.S.  You don´t have to register your name to play this game. 


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