The Paradox of Creation
- Wake Up You Are God in Disguise

Amazon Bestseller - April/May, 2013


This book will:


  • Reveal how creation is a paradox 
  • Show you how un-manifested, unlimited, infinite potential of consciousness is manifesting and facilitating itself through you in order to BE
  • Show you how the subconscious mind is a vital part for the character you play in the game of life. It´s part of the construct
  • Show you how time is not linear, but part of a grand cycle
  • Explain how the game of life is set up and how you can benefit by knowing the rules  
  • Help you wake up and once again re-member who you really are
  • Show you how logic is a self-contained tool for our space-time construct. It cannot be used beyond this construct


What existed before the Big Bang? How did the Big Bang occure? Some scientists, like the authors of the book Grand Design - Hawking and Mlodinow - will tell you that it came out of nothing. Most scientists looking into the mystery of creation keep trying to solve the big puzzle of creation itself, but they will never solve it using logic alone. 


The different relgions of the world claim that the Big Bang and our Universe was created by God - an intelligent entity. Who is right? Science or religion?


Both are right this book will reveal to you. 


Are you ready to learn more about The Paradox of Creation? 





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