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Camillo is an author, speaker and creator of online programs in the personal development field covering body, mind & soul - with a speciality in bridging science & spirituality.​​​​​​​


He´s held hundreds of talks, lectures and seminars. Here´s some of the feedback and testimonials he´s received.

It was a pleasure meeting you. It's so rare to meet like minded people, who have a vision to Unite the world.

I was moved by your talk

Dimple Gajwani 

International Instructor for the Art of Living Foundation (founded by  the renowned humanitarian, spiritual leader and ambassadors of peace Sri Sri Ravi Shankar)

Camillo is a very inspiring speaker with a lot of insight and knowledge, which he conveys in a very engaging way. He´s like fireworks when he gets started! What an energy! What an enthusiasm! 

Ann Elisabeth Caldecourt 

Centre for Health and Wholeness

THANK YOU for a great seminar! I felt that I was part of something BIG. You are building bridges into a new Enlightenment, at the micro and macro levels.

Trine Royrvik

Camillo is a dynamic and motivating speaker with lots of energy affecting everyone listening to him. His ability to get his message across is second to none. Highly recommended.

Tom Walter Windheim

CEO - Myggstopp Nordic AS

Camillo is an incredible energetic, positive and engaging speaker! It´s just great listening to him speak.

Ann Karin Pedersen


A fantastic well presented seminar of a relatively sophisticated material. Camillo, with his enthusiasm and his clear commitment, presents the course in a way that really make sense. It´s not difficult to see that Camillo is passionate about this topic, and we can feel it ...! In an effective and easy manner he explained the unexplainable so that anyone could understand it. Thank you Camillo for being unique, and making us understand that we are unique too.

Sonia S. Armstrong

CEO The Armstrong Chiropractic Clinic (Norway)

Feedback from people attending the
Manifesting Power seminar (or Power of Thought course)

"I want to thank you for an awesome seminar. It gave me an even greater perspective on life. Your seminar is one of the best I have experienced. After reading your books and been on this seminar I have received true knowledge . It's like a flower finally blossoming. Thank you."

- Sincerely Elisabeth Kjellstrom



"Thank you so much for a wonderful seminar. It 's just so incredibly exciting to listen to you . Your ability to communicate is unique and it made me so present in the here and now."
- Best regards Gro Hagen



"I want to thank you for a great seminar . It was very inspiring. You really manage to engage and " ignite " the audience. Thank you for giving so much of yourself so others can take part in this important and amazing information, which you communicate in such a great way. 
- Best regards Inger Reidun Opheimsbakken


"Thank you for an amazingly good seminar. I have read yours books and think your way of communicating this information is incredibly. You touch everyone, and I really hope that you can reach as many people as possible out there. This is what we should learn in school and as young kids. Your communication is clear and humorous. It is easy to understand what you´re conveying. Thank you"
- Sincerely Anita Range



"THANK YOU for a fantastic seminar. Camillo, you conveyed this important information in such a great way. I recommend this seminar to everyone. It can make a positive difference for all people on Earth. Thank you." 

- Bjorn Haavard Andersen

"Thanks for a terrific and instructive seminar on the Power of Thoughts. Of all of the courses I have taken on this topic this was the best one by far - just outstanding. You could really see and feel Camillo´s energy and that this topic is something he´s really passionate about. He gave a very positive energy to everyone in the audience and got us all to really think. Thank you Camillo:) It was just fantastic." 
- Cindy Halvorsen


Hi Camillo, Thank you for such an absolutely enlightening and inspiring seminar.  I am now full of optimism and enthusiasm.

- Warm greetings from Gro Badejo



"Thank you for an inspiring seminar. I wonder how many times I have to hear about my own potential without doing something about it. Have read countless books, been to seminars with Anthony Robbins in London, seen the movie "What the bleep do we know", "The Secret" and more without really getting down to it.  But now,  through this seminar with Camillo, I finally realised what I need to do in order to manifest what I want. It´s all about my own vibrations. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, insight and wisdom. It was incredible valuable."
- Best regards Monica Schjelderup


"The seminar was BEYOND WORDS. Just great." 

- Regards , Laila Stausland

Camillo is a very dedicated and inspiring speaker. He uses humor in a great way to get his point across. Very good.

- Wenche Milas


"I am very glad I joined Camillo´s seminar. It was both instructive and wonderful all at once. I now understand more about how we are all connected and that we need to raise our collective consciousness for a better future. THANK YOU! "
- Helene Maria Haugan:)


"Thanks for a great seminar. It was one of the best seminars I have ever attended."
- Warm regards Snefrid Cappelen



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