Your Body Is An Energy Vehicle

We are all unique in the way we take in and filter energy from our surroundings. Also, we "send/transmit" energy from our bodies, which in turn influence others.


The Human Design System shows us a map of all the possible ways of energetic imprints that exist. From the wide range of possibilities you carry a unique set of energy features. These unique imprints allows us to experience the world in our own unique way and find out how we operate.

Your Body Is An Energy Vessel
We are body, mind and soul. The soul use a vessel to experience itself and your body is that vessel. It is a unique energy vessel composed of energy centers, energy channels and gene codes. 


The Human Design System can show you your energy vessels based on when you were born and where in the world you were born. It's about understanding your aura - your energy field. We all have this unique energy design - a of blueprint of who you really are.


Yet there are some of us who do not live according to our energy design, because we do not know what it is. Instead, we try to mold ourselves to the expectations others have of us.


Once you know how you are desgined energetically - once you understand your own energy system - you can begin to live according to your own nature, and therefore with all of nature.


You can finally just be yourself. You begin to be more in harmony - more synergistic with others and utilize your talents and abilities to the fullest.


Below is a video showing more about the aura and how this is connected to The Human Design System:

How Does The Human Design System Work?
Human Design uses your birth data to calculate the energy diagram for your body. This is based on the science of neutrinos. Neutrinos are tiny particles of energy carrying mass and information, and determines your unique energy imprint.


We live in a dense "neutrino sea" with trillions of neutrinos originating from stars in our solar system. They pass through everything, leaving an imprint of information wherever they travel. The moment you were born your body was saturated with these energy particles and they left a unique energy blueprint.

The System
The Human Design System is a system consisting of two branches of science,  the traditional and the modern. The traditional includes: astrology, chakra, I Ching, Kabbalah and the Book of Changes. These are conventional elements of the system constituting The Human Design. Combined with the modern science that can read the genetic code, this system offers you a deep insight into how you are designed to move your body/vessel in the material, physical world.


There is a lot of information about this system and you can read more about it on the websites listed below.


You can download your own energy chart for free by entering your birth date, time and place. You will understand your unique energy diagram in detail if you also obtain the Human Design book since it explains all the energy centres, the energy channeles and the gene codes related to your chart.


This is a very interesting system that gives you a deeper understanding of how your body / vessel and it is put together energetically which may help you to better understand your role in this life.


1. The Human Design System by Ra Uru Hu
- website:​


Ra Uru Hu is the founder of The Human Design System. The story goes that he channeled this energy system in 1987 and then spent the rest of his life sharing it with the world. Get your free personal energy chart here -



2. The Human Design System by Chetan Parkyn 
- website:​


Get your free personal energy chart here -​


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