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Camillo Loken is an Author, Speaker and Creator of online programs in the personal development field covering body, mind & soul, and bridging science & spirituality.​​​​​​​


Camillo has extensive experience in hosting various courses, seminars and lectures. He worked 11 years in one of the biggest companies within the pharmaceutical industry before he started his own business. During these 11 years he held hundreds of lectures for physicians - both general practitioners and specialists, and he received great feedback and very positive testimonials. He has since held numerous other courses, lectures, talks and seminars, and been a speaker at major spiritual trade shows. He has also held lectures in the USA (Mount Shasta, California) and Sedona, Arizona.


Camillo is a dynamic and motivating speaker with lots of energy that rubs off on everyone who listens to him.
He has a very good ability to get your message across in his lectures. He can recommend it warmly. - Tom Windheim - CEO Windea Ltd

THANK YOU for a great seminar! I felt that I was part of something BIG and you are a real flame bearer and Building bridges into a new Enlightenment, at the micro and macro levels. Regards. Trine Røyrvik

Dear Camillo, I want to thank you for an incredible great seminar. It was one of the best seminars I have ever attended. Best regards Trine Helgerud.

Thank you for a terrific and instructive lecture on The Power of Thought. Out of
all the seminars/talks I have atteded regarding the Power of The Mind mind this one was outstanding. I could really feel Camillo´s energy. This topic is something he is really passionate about. He gave a very positive energy to everyone in the audience and got us all to really think.  Thank you Camillo:) It was a fantastic evening. Cindy Halvorsen


Thank you so much for a great seminar. Camillo, you are born to be a Speaker. It could not have been better.  Thank you so much :) Hugs Hanne Cortesi


Camillo has also hosted several seminars on the Power of Tought showing people that we are here to express our uniquness. He also host seminars on the topic of raising ones consciousness. He host several seminars and lectures on the topic of The Shift in Consciousness. He uses several topics from his book in his speaking and seminar engagements. He is also frequently a speaker at different expos and events.  Please contact us for more information regarding engagement.

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