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I just published my new book, The Paradox of Creation - Wake Up You Are God in Disguise.
To celebrate, I am giving away some GREAT BONUSES to everyone who buys a copy today on April 30th and e-mails me the receipt. I'll share the details in a moment.


7 BONUSES - free online course and 6 great e-books



I won't spend time telling you about the book in this offer. I have created an entire page for that purpose. On the product page I also go into detail about how I embarked on an incredible spiritual journey from being an atheist and working as a Senior Product Manager in the pharmaceutical industry to become a spiritual seeker full time meeting exciting spiriutual gurus and people with near-death experiences helping me expand my consciousness. If you are spiritual seeker I can almost guarantee that this book will explain creation and the paradox of it all like you have never heard before.


The main thing I want to communicate here is that if you buy the book today  April 30th, 2013, I will give you 7 FREE BONUSES and a great chance to become a concious co-creator and make a difference in the world. All these bonuses (the e-books and the online course) are related to the key messages of the book:

Anything is possible if you believe it is possible. The power to greatness lies within, because we are points of consciousness with access to a great Universal Cosmic Mind waiting to be expressed through you and me and everyone else on this planet. Exciting new research supports this. It is time to Re-Member who you truly are.

These great e-book gifts have helped me expand my consciousness and become a conscious co-creator resulting in this breakthrough book about The Paradox of Creation. It is my intention and my wish that these e-books, and the online course I give away in this book offer, will do the same for you. Here they are:


BONUS NUMBER ONE: FREE ONLINE COURSE - How learning The 12 Universal Laws will change your life.
This videobased course will be accessible through the teaching platform Udemy for free once you buy the book today April 30th.

BONUS NUMBER TWO: Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend (e-book)


 A powerful book that has helped millions of people. Your Invisible Power is one of the earliest and most inspirational books of 'New Thought" based on the work and study from Genevieve Behrend after being the one and only student of Thomas Troward for two years. Mr. Troward was an English author whose works influenced the New Thought Movement - he has also been called The Master of Mental Science. Genevieve Behrend work with him from 1912 - 1914 learning the power of visualizing and making our dreams come true.

 "We all possess more power and greater possibilities than we realize, and visualizing is one of the greatest of these powers"- Genevieve Behrend

- A great book you'll enjoy reading and re-reading - LD ODOM

- I really like this book...and it made me believe again...this is going to be my life changing book- Jay From NY

BONUS NUMBER THREE: As A Man Tinketh by James Allan (e-book)


First published in 1903, James Allen's As a Man Thinketh has become accepted worldwide as a classic of inspirational thought.

- This is the one of the most powerful and life changing books that I ever read! - Thomas D. Mcclelland

- The book is thought provoking and stimulating - Tony DeFrancisco





BONUS NUMBER FOUR: The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles (e-book)


Wallace D. Wattles spent a lifetime considering the laws of success as he found them in the work of the world's great philosophers. He then turned his life effort into this simple, slender book – a volume that he vowed could replace libraries of philosophy, spirituality, and self-help for the purpose of attaining one definite goal: a life of prosperity

- What Wattles clearly explains are some very simple but profound principles of how you can use your thought power to create wealth - William Marshall

- I have read many books on this subject, and this one goes to the top of my list! The reader is clear, and precise - Kathleen M. Smith



BONUS NUMBER FIVE: Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (e-book)


Think And Grow Rich is arguably the most famous success book of all time. It has changed the lives of millions of people through the years.

- Like all books by Napoleon Hill this book is outstanding. I have read this book many times over the years, and learn something new everytime - Mike
-This book has truely changed my life. This book should be required reading in all high school economic and/or every social studies class - Carla Peterson




BONUS NUMBER SIX:  The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel (e-book)


The Master Keys System will not only outline how important positive thinking is it will guide you through practical lessons that will make it easy for you to change your entire way of thinking. The Master Key System is your life-long companion, opening the door to amazing results.

- This is the best book I have ever read in my life - L. Lustig
- Charles Haanel's book, The Master Key System is one of the best metaphysical books written - Pearle




 BONUS NUMBER SEVEN: Free e-book: Make A Ripple - Make A Difference by Camillo Loken


This comprehensive e-book is all about the power of our thoughts. It helps spread ripples of positive thinking and energy benefiting yourself and everyone on our planet. Join in and be a part of it you too. What you put out comes back so make sure it is a positive one.

- I enjoyed the ebook very much and it has been very helpful to me. I've already started to see changes in my life - Thandazani Mdlalose
- Thanks Camillo,I WILL READ IT AGAIN and AGAIN. Thanks for inspiring me - will definitely share with others - Hebert Nyawata





You will become a conscious co-creator. An extra reason for you to buy my book today April 30th is that you will become a conscious co-creator if you are not one already. You will see how you can and will create your own reality and how this effects the reality for all.

The information in the seven bonus offers combined with the breakthrough information about the paradox of creation in Wake Up You Are God in Disguise - The Paradox of Creation will help you see a bigger picture of reality and how this will assist you in your current life. You will see how you are a creator of your own realtiy and a co-creator of the reality of the world. By becoming a conscious co-creator you will also see how you can make a difference in the world by making a ripple being who you truly are.

This offer is only valid through the end of the day, April 30th. At that point, this offer will not longer be available. To get these nine FREE bonuses, you must take these three steps:

1. Purchase The Paradox of Creation as paperback or Kindle on Amazon today April 30th.

2. E-mail me a copy of your receipt. You can simply forward your copy of the receipt from Amazon to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It's that simple.

3. Access the download page. Once your receipt and purchase has been approved by our team you will receive access to the download page with all the bonus gifts.

That's it!

extra bonus
Once I get your confirmation, I will e-mail you the link to the special Bonus Download Page, where you will get access to all seven bonuses AND once you are there you will also get access to two EXTRA BONUSES. What are they? It´s a surprise, but they are also tools that will help you become a conscious co-creator.

Again, this offer goes away after April 30th, 2013. Don't miss it! Want a reminder? Sign up for the reminder service below.

You are reading this book offer for a reason
There are no coincidences. You are reading this book offer for a reason. Listen to your heart - to your intuition - to find out if you are ready to wake up and see who you really are: God in Disguise.

If you have a question about this offer, please check the FAQ here.

Access to the Paperback or the Kindle version here:


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