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This book contains the information that I need for my journey right now. It is compiled in a great manner and explains mysteries of the great beyond that is satisfying and enriching! Thanks so much, Lolita Oliver

I finished reading your book and found it very interesting. I really enjoyed reading it. Lots of other great stuff and resources in there. I will keep going back to it and thinking about it some more. Truly full of "food for thought." - Mika Mila (USA)

This book will open you're ability to be more conscious.Inspire you to grow your own mind.
So that you can be more in sync with your soul and creation :) - By Joe

The Paradox Explained In Five Steps





Information never before revealed

The information about The Paradox of Creation (se video here) has been "withheld" for almost two decades. The time to reveal this incredible information is NOW. We are ready for it. More people are waking up and realizing that we are more than our bodies. We are body, mind and soul. More people are beginning to grasp the idea that we are part of something bigger - part of a universal consciousness - a Cosmic Mind.

Blow your mind?

This is a breakthrough book about The Paradox of Creation. The information contained in this book will probably blow your mind as it did with me.


Because creation is a paradox and this paradox has never been explained as laid out in this book. The essence of this book is based on The Paradox of Creation from someone who has seen the creation and its paradox in slow motion through an experience of expanded consciousness going all the way to the core before finally blacking out.

No, it´s not someone with a near-death experience nor is it channeled information or information from a shaman or a psychic or any other person communicating with or having an experience with "the other side". This information has been waiting to be released for almost two decades and now the time has come to spread it.


ever before has The Paradox of Creation been revealed to us as it is in this book. It´s time to Wake Up. It´s time to get an overview of creation and the paradox behind it all. The One Mind is waking up. It´s all part of The Divine Plan. You move along the circle of creation (or actually spiral) and you have now reached a point where it´s time to dis-cover and re-member that you really are God in Disguise.

Your current life is about Waking Up in order to once again re-member who you really are. You have reached the awakening part of the circle of creation. We all have. Creation is a paradox and the set-up has been hidden from us as it had to be. We were not ready to see it all, but now we are.

Our Universe - the space-time construct - is in place to facility consciousness to experience itself and you are a point of that consciousness. Consciousness requires the elements of space and time to exist as explained in detail in this book. Also, we use logic as a tool to understand our space-time construct and as you will dis-cover logic by itself is not enough to understand The Paradox of Creation.

There is only ONE OF US here. One Mind creating an incredible space-time construct in order to BE.

There are not billions of minds in the world at all, but only one, and it is in everyone of us - U. S. Anderson

You are not your body. You are not your name. You are not your jobtitle. The essence of who you are is a point of consciousness representing All That Is.

If you are still attached to your religion, your color, or the country you were born in, then you still don't know who you are. Prince Hanuman



This book will


              TheParadox-3Dcover-Front                TheParadox-3Dcover-Front

- reveal to you The Paradox of Creation

- show you how un-manifested, unlimited, infinite potential of consciousness is manifesting and facilitating itself through you in order to BE
- show you how the subconscious mind is a vital part for the character you play in the game of life. It´s part of the construct
- show you how time is not linear, but part of a grand cycle
- explain how the game of life is set up and how you can benefit by knowing the rules 
- help you wake up and once again re-member who you really are
- show you how logic is a self-contained tool for our space-time construct and cannot be used beyond this construct

I have been a spirutal seeker 24/7 for many years. I have also been a devoted reader of channeled information and also appreciated the wisdom of the Conversation with God bestseller books from Neal Donald Walsch and other great books about who we are and why we are here. I have devoured these books like they were my favorite meal. However, none of the spiritual/metaphysical books I have read and none of the spiritual people I have met have ever mentioned The Paradox of Creation. Many talk of consciousness, about the absolute and realtive realms, about God, about Intelligent Design, about other realities beyond the 3D world, but none of them talk about the core and explain creation as it is being explained in this book.

I don´t know your background or what you have experienced in life or how many spiritual/metaphysical books you have read or how many spiritual gurus or spiritual "experts" you have talked to. Nonetheless, I am convinced that the information about The Paradox of Creation contained in this book will be new to you. It goes beyond any channeled information I have personally received "from the other side" through mediums and channelers I have worked with for many years. It goes beyond the wisdom in the Conversations with God books and other spiritual/metaphysical books. It goes beyond what spirituel gurus have conveyed to us about creation. It goes beyond what any person with a near-death experience have revealed to us.

How is this possible?

It is possible because we are all moving along the circle (actually a spiral) of creation and as we move along the more we understand, evolve, develope and comprehend which is actually to re-member. The time has come for this information to be released on a mass scale. It could not have been released until now. It has been "on hold" for almost two decades waiting for you and me and everyon else to see "The Bigger Picture". We are ready to see how creation really is a paradox and how we move along a grand cycle which we perceive as linear with past, present and future. We are using science, technology and logic to figure out creation, but logic is not enough to understand creation as this book will reveal to you.



What existed before the Big Bang? How did the Big Bang occure? Some scienctists like the authors of the book Grand Design - Hawking and Mlodinow - will tell you that it came out of nothing. Most scientists looking into the mystery of creation keep trying to solve the big puzzle of creation itself, but they will never solve it using logic alone. However, the different relgions of the world will say that the Big Bang and our Universe was created by God - an intelligent entity. Who is right?

Both are right this book will reveal to you.

Are you ready to find out about The Paradox of Creation?

There are no coincidences. You are reading this website for a reason. Listen to your heart - to your intuition - to find out if you are ready to wake up and see who you really are: God in Disguise. Are you ready to wake up and see the bigger picture?




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The Author - Camillo Loken


About me:
Is God real? I didn´t think so. I used to be an atheist. Why? Because I grew up in a family of physicians and atheists. I believed life on Earth to be the result of a cosmic coincidence and when we die we are gone forever. I modified this view during my teens, but my true passion for the spiritual started with an awakening many years ago. I became more or less obsessed to find answers to four BIG questions in life:

  • who are we?
  • where do we come from?
  • what are we doing here?
  • where are we going when we die?

My Spiritual Journey

I became a spiritual seeker looking for a bridge between science and spirituality - to see the connection between the two. I found answers showing me this bridge and this totally changed my life. I left a secure job in one of the biggeste companies in the pharmaceutical industry to embark on a journey leading me to incredible meetings with psychics, channelers, shamans and people with near-death experiences from many different continents. I also ended up working with some of these psychics, channelers and shamans.

Meeting the spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

During my exciting journey I was also invited to have a special meeting with the renowned humanitarian, spiritual leader and ambassadors of peace Sri Sri Ravi Shankar when he came to Norway in 2012. Born in 1956 in Southern India, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was a gifted child. By the age of four, he was able to recite parts of the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient Sanskrit scripture and was often found in meditation. His first teacher Sudhakar Chaturvedi, had a long cooperation with Mahatma Gandhi. In 1982 Shankar founded The Art of Living which is now an international organization represented in 152 countries.  In 2010 Shankar was named by Forbes Magazine as the fifth most influential person in India. Here is a picture of my wife and myself with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:



One of the shamans I had to pleasure to meet and work with is the gifted African shaman Karmaya Ayamama Rain Queen Mother. Karmaya Ayamama Rain Queen is known by her people as a "Sent One" and a "Child of the Deity". She travels the world helping to heal Mother Earth by conducting special ceremonies. In 2008 after teaching monks at the Dalai Lama Samteling Monastry in Kathmandu she was invited to meet with the Dalai Lama and was given the title Lhamo which means A woman who can talk to the Gods. During this journey she was also recognized by the Jhankri Shamans of the Tamang People of Nepal, as being a symbol of Rain that would fall down from the Stars. Below is a picture of my wife (Synnove), myself and Rain Queen Mother. The picture was taken in Oslo, Norway in 2012 when I was arranging a tour for The Rain Queen Mother to do spiritual ceremonies around Norway to help heal Mother Earth.



Meeting these spiritual people provided me with more pieces to the puzzle in finding out who we really are and why we are here. After years of searching for answers I gathered all the information I found in my first book The Shift in Consciousness and published it in 2010.  However, I never stopped searching and I often ask the Universe for help in understanding more about creation. One day yet another piece of the puzzle came into my life.

Connecting with Steve Berg

In the summer of 2012 I received an e-mail from a person called Steve Berg in the UK. He had experienced being as close to the core of creation as possibly without blacking out. He experienced The Paradox of Creation in slow motion. It was not a near-death experience, but an incredible expansion of consciousness making him re-member who we really are and how this whole creation is put togheter. He "went further" than any other person I have met or worked with regarding "the other side". It´s like he went through all the layers of The Cosmic Mind getting back to the "beginning". Steve became my mentor and good friend and showed me the overview of creation and how it´s all a paradox. He helped expand my consciousness and gave me valuable insight about creation and the secrets of life. As a result I wrote the book The Paradox of Creation.


Message from Steve (and video below)





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